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Laura Carpenter – Proprietor

Laura Carpenter Hawkes was raised on the East Coast and migrated west to San Francisco in 1993. Her wine education began soon after with weekly trips to Sonoma and a French-heavy tutelage in the Whole Foods wine department. She helped launch the wine bar at The Liberty Café, then Italy called, and for a memorable year, she taught English and found the best wine available on a teacher’s salary. She managed Solano Cellars in Berkeley, a haven for her budding wine geekdom. A stint in Austin, Texas, working for Horizon Wines honed her driving skills, and her degree in English came in handy never. Because love always wins, she returned to Sonoma to make wine with family.

Jake Hawkes – Winemaker

Jake Hawkes has no formal training as a winemaker, but he has always loved to drink. He was born in Alexander Valley, grew up on a farm, and started making Chardonnay in high school in glass demi-johns. Twenty (or twenty-five) years later, his approach to winemaking is very much the same as it was then: keep it clean and stay away from oak. He lives in Alexander Valley with his wife and kids and works in the family business: growing grapes and making wine.